We believe disruption in an industry happens at that moment when a strong need for efficiency is met by available technology that requires  just a push to become real.

We believe that is the case for the restaurant industry today. That is why we are combining our partner’s years of experience in supply chain and innovation to provide the best solution that suits consumers, restaurant owners, and industry staff at the same time.

Cloche Restaurant Services, Inc.

Founding Partners

To be Announced

Chef Executive Officer - Co-Founder

Passionate about connecting customers and producers

With over 20 years of experience helping companies bring efficiency to their supply chains and manufacturing, looks at Cloche as a way to revolutionize the restaurant experience

Alfredo Arvide

Chef Innovation Officer - Co-Founder

Passionate about positive disruption with technology

With a strong presence in the Houston and the latino tech communities, Alfredo brings expertise in helping individuals and organizations with bringing  their products and services to their next revolution

Supporting Partners & Investors

Mihir Patel

Entrepreneur, Investor, Startup Advisor Passionate about finding creative value

Jorge Lara

President & CEO - Houston Capital Development

Passionate about the restaurant industry

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